Mission and Vision

Vestibular medicine is among the fastest growing sciences. As the progressing technology allow, new tools to understand the pathophysiology of the disorders as well as to analyze, detect and treat the diseases. The International Vestibular Society aims to discuss, annotate and share the scientific progress. The primary goal is to increase the learning level on Vestibular medicine universally by its biannual international meetings and courses, educational leaflets, clinical visits.

The Vertigo Academy International is the scientific suborganization of IVS that methodizes the learning program and objectives of Vestibular medicine. The biannual meetings of IVS are also presented as a part of this learning program and called as “Vertigo Academy International Meeting”

The learning program also covers the instituting the academic programs of physicians and audiologists worldwide for certification.

The universal certification tasks are planned in joint with the other International Societies.

The Society is founded in 2017 and registered to official authorities in Ankara Turkey.